Stamina Pro 15-5300 Exercise Bike Reviews and Ratings

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Stamina Pro 15-5300 Upright Exercise Bike Reviews and Ratings.

stamina pro 15-5300 exercise bike Stamina Pro 15-5300 Exercise Bike Quick Stats and Features
  • The Stamina Pro 15-5300 exercise bike uses magnetic resistance with 8 different tension levels to choose from
  • Has an LCD display monitor with 6 preset programs - listed below
  • heart rate monitor in the handlebars to monitor your workout
  • Easy to adjust the height of the extra large seat
  • Has base wheels so you store the Stamina Pro 15-5300 easily
  • Approximate Price: $250

Stamina Pro 15-5300

The Stamina Pro 15-5300 upright exercise bike uses silent magnetic resistance for a very smooth and silent exercise workout. A quiet exercise bike is great if you want to listen to music or watch TV. However, unlike the style of exercise bike with a big fan at the front for resistance (such as the Schwinn Airdyne), you will need a fan to keep cool.

You get eight tension points to choose from depending on how hard you want to train.

To provide variety for your training, you can choose between the following pre-programmed workouts:

The LCD display provides you with constant workout statistics such as current speed, calories burned, distance travelled and time to get there.

You also get a heart rate monitor that is built into the handlebars so you can monitor your workout intensity and prevent overtraining.

Finally, the seat is easily adjustable (handy if amore than 1 person is training on the exercise bike) and it is wider than the average seat to provide for a more comfortable ride for all the hours you are going to be on the Stamina Pro 15-5300 exercise bike…. Right?

The Stamina Pro 15-5300 upright exercise bike is 30.5 inches by 21 inches by 53 inches and weight 67 pounds.