Stamina 1300 Exercise Bike Reviews and Ratings

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Stamina 1300 Upright Exercise Bike Reviews and Ratings.

stamina 1300 upright exercise bike Stamina 1300 Exercise Bike Quick Stats and Features
  • The Stamina 1300 upright exercise bike uses magnetic resistance for a smooth, quite training ride
  • There are adjustable tension levels – manually adjustable
  • Large display monitor provides you with workout statistics such as current speed, calories burned, distance travelled, and time taken
  • Large seat for extra comfort
  • The Stamina 1300 exercise bike frame has a 1 year warranty with parts covered for 90 days
  • Approximate Price: $159

Stamina 1300 Upright Exercise Bike

As the Stamina 1300 upright exercise bike uses magnetic resistance you get smooth and quite training session, a major plus if you are watching TV to pass the time.

The magnetic resistance can be adjusted manually via a tension knob so you can control your workout intensity.

You get a larger than standard display monitor that shows you your current speed (always handy to judge how much effort you are putting into your exercise bike workout), distance travelled, time spent working out and calories burned. You can set the display to scan between readings to keep track of each easily.

The base has wheels so it can be moved and stored easily

The maximum recommended weight of a user is 250 pounds

Dimensions of the Stamina 1300 are 35 inches by 22.63 inches by 48.5 inches Its weight is 48 pounds.

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Below are some user reviews that I have found and included here so you dont have to search so many sites for a good range of reviews. The main source I have found for good quality exercise bike reviews by users is amazon, but there are other good reviews which I will summarise and included here to help you make the best choice for what you are looking for in an exercise bike.

User Reviews of the Stamina 1300 Exercise Bike

The reviewer of the Stamina 1300 said it was average when compared with other exercise bikes they have ridden. They found that the seat was less than comfortable due to the shape. However, the bike itself operated fine.

Rating for the Stamina 1300 - 3 Stars

Review 2 Stamina 1300

The second reviewer of the Stamina 1300 was very impressed. The small size of the bike allows it to be stored easily, and it is very quite, so they can workout at any time of the day without annoying anyone else.

They also mentioned that the frame is solid, giving a good ride, and most of all, the Stamina 1300 looks good.

Rating 5 stars

Review 3 Stamina 1300 exercise bike

The third reviewer gave an overall good rating of the Stamina 1300, although they had a few problems.

During assembly, they had problems with the tension cable, but attributed it to their lack of mechanical ability. Also, there was a problem with the display monitor when it stopped working – they need to jiggle the cable to get it to work.

They found the seat was too hard after working out for a while, so have got a padded seat cover. However, apart from these issues, the reviewer was pretty happy with the Stamina 1300.

Rating 4 stars

Review 4 Stamina 1300

This purchaser of the Stamina 1300 gave it a very poor review.

They found it very noisy, and the frame itself was making some strange noises. They felt less than secure on the Stamina 1300, and don’t recommend it.

Rating 1 star