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Welcome to Just Best Exercise Bike Ratings.

We will review a range of the best exercise bikes over the coming months and report the results here so you can get an unbiased overview of the best upright exercise bikes in the market at the moment.

Choosing the Right Exercise Bike

The first thing you need to do before you start checking out exercise bikes to buy, is decide what you want the bike for. Do you want to burn a few calories while watching tv, do you want to shed pounds quickly, do you want a bike that offers a heap of features, or are looking for an exercise bike that will help you get fit and not cost a lot?

You also need to decide if you want a more traditional exercise bike that is similar to a normal road bike, or are you looking for the newer technology of the recumbent bike, where you sit lower in a seat (with a back to it), and have your legs out in front of you?

So, there is a bit to consider when purchasing an exercise bike. This exercise bike review site will show you a range of upright exercise bike models in different price ranges, with different features and options. For each exercise bike model that you want to check out, click on the model name and you will get access to a complete review of that exercise bike showing all of its the features, the price, and user reviews. Thats right - I have looked all over to find any reviews I can, and I report on them here, so you dont have to waste time hunting around.

Price Range

Exercise Bike Model



Stamina 1300 Exercise Bike

stamina 1300 upright exercise bike


Schwinn Active 10 Exercise Bike

schwinn active 10 upright exercise bike


Schwinn 101 Exercise Bike

schwinn 101 upright exercise bike


ProForm GT 85X Exercise Bike

proform gt 85x upright exercise bike


Stamina 5325 Exercise Bike

stamina 1300 upright exercise bike


Schwinn 103 Exercise Bike

schwinn 103 upright exercise bike


Stamina Pro 15-5300 Exercise Bike

stamina pro 15-5300 upright exercise bike


Proform 280 CSX Exercise Bike

proform csx upright exercise bike


Schwinn 112 Exercise Bike

schwinn 112 upright exercise bike


ProForm 450 UR Exercise Bike

proform 450 ur upright exercise bike


Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

schwinn airdyne upright exercise bike

Tips and Guide for Choosing the Right Exercise Bike

Define Your Goals and everything else Falls into Place

Define your goals and get an exercise bike to match. If you just want to lose a few pounds while watch tv, then any entry level exercise bike will fill the bill fine. These are priced around the $200-$250 range. Dont expect many extras with the base models, but in most cases, you should get a functional exercise bike.

Compare Features within your Price Range

If you intent to spend a fair bit of time on the bike to lose moderate amounts of weight, or just to increase you fitness level, you really do need to look at exercise bikes in the mid-range. Pricing for the mid-range bikes are $250-$600. These exercise bikes offer superior features, such as heart rate monitors (either built into the handlebars, or even better is the wireless variety that use a waist band that sends a signal to the reader on the handlebar - these are far more accurate and you dont need to keep your hands on the handlebars.

You should be looking for silent magnetic resistance on these bike, with a broad range of resistance. Associated with this is a range of preprogrammed workouts, including profile courses, so you are actively engaged in your training workout. The beauty of these workouts is that they give you variety and keep you motivated. Compare exercise bike workouts in the price range you are looking at to see which offers the best deal.

Other important fetures of the mid-range exercise bike that you should be looking for are easily adjustable seat and handlebars, and look for extra padded seats. If you are doing a lot of time in the saddle, you need a padded seat!

Optional extras that a nice to have are water bottle holders and adjustable fans - based on a number of reviews I have come across, adjustable fans are not always what they are cracked up to be, so see if you can get a demonstration at the store, and see how powerful and effective the fan really is.

What to consider when buying an upright or recumbent exercise bike - tips in this online video